Frequently Asked Questions

There are two types of SynCab: SynCab Multi-Purpose Taxi (MPT) and SynCab Selected Personal Taxi (SPT)
The booking fee of two SynCabs are different, please refer to our mobile app for the latest booking service fee.
All SynCab MPT are equipped with wheelchair ramp, wheelchair individual seating, credit card payment, Wi-Fi connection. Our wheelchair settings are in line with relevant safety specifications, guaranteeing all users a comfy and convenient travel experience.
Please note that SynCab SPT is not equipped with wheelchair ramp and wheelchair individual seating.
SynCab reservation is available round the clock. Please download our mobile app.
You can reserve our services via mobile app (SynCab), web platform ( or by phone (3700-6500). All is eligible to SynCab taxi service, even for non-wheelchair users. However, priority will be given to pre-arranged bookings.
Passengers have to pay an additional booking service fee for advanced reservation. Passengers will be charged according to the meter, as regulated by the HKSAR government.
Yes, apart from instant reservations services SynCab can also be rented at an hourly rate. Please call us at 3700-6500 or email to for enquiry.
SynCab Multi-Purpose Taxi (MPT) can carry 1 wheelchair user and 2 ordinary passengers, or 4 ordinary passengers.
SynCab Selected Personal Taxi (SPT) can carry 4 ordinary passengers.
It depends on the weight and height of the electric wheelchair. SynCab Multi-Purpose Taxi has a limitation of 70cm on the width of the wheelchair ramp. Maximum weight accepted (passenger and wheelchair included) would be 200 kg. Maximum height accepted would be 1.4m (passenger and wheelchair included). The width of the wheelchair shall not exceed 70 cm. If you need help purchasing wheelchairs, we are happy to provide you with the information of the retailer.
We strongly advise wheelchair users to choose SynCab Multi-Purpose Taxi (MPT) for a comfortable journey. SynCab Selected Personal Taxi (SPT) is not wheelchair-accessible .
All SynCab drivers must complete a professional training course offered by our company before joining the fleet. We also provide customers service training course to them on a regular basis, so that all our passengers can enjoy professional, caring and safe taxi services.
Apart from that, all SynCab drivers must:
- Have acquired driving license (type 6);
- Be courteous;
- Be familiar with the routing of different locations in Hong Kong;
- Be fluent in Cantonese and work-related English.
Different types of taxi are specified to operate in different areas. SynCab fleets cover New Territories, Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island. SynCab charges on standard meter rate, and for the latest booking service fee, please refer to our latest release.
You can enter the address manually to help our drivers locate you. You may also call our SynCab hotline for assistance.
We will match you with the nearest available driver at the moment you book through our mobile app, web platform or hotline. It might take longer for us to reach remote areas. For better planning, we also accept booking in one-week’s time.
Passenger shall pay taxi fare according to the meter. An additional HKD5 will be charged for each animal, bird or piece of luggage (light baggage stored in-car will be exempted). We strongly advise passengers with large animal to choose SynCab Multi-Purpose Taxi (MPT)
Please refer to the updated taxi fare table of the Transport Department, HKSAR
We suggest wheelchair user have someone to accompany them. If the passenger has to travel alone. Our professional driver will assist them boarding.
If you have booked for that particular trip and left personal belongings on SynCab, you can call SynCab Hotline (3700-6500) and search for the driver according to your record. If there’s no advanced reservation, you can mark down travel information such as time, car plate number, boarding location, and destination.
Our customer service team will help look for it accordingly. We will notify you immediately if the lost item is found. If you need it to be sent to a specific location, a certain amount of cab fare will be charged according to the taxi meter. We recommend you to negotiate with the driver for a convenient pick-up location.
All SynCab drivers are professionally trained. They will respond immediately to the situation, offer first aid to passengers in need according to our guideline and dial “999” for assistance.
For the courtesy of our drivers and the next passenger, all SynCab are non-smoking vehicles.
The name “SynCab” represents our desire to “Synchronized personal transport with your life”. We hope to offer affordable yet high-quality services to families, corporate, travelers, elderly and wheelchair users alike. SynCab Synchronized with your life by providing excellent customer services and in-car environment to all.
Each SynCab is equipped with 2 USB charger ports and charging cables, passenger can also use their own cables.
Yes, advanced booking by phone is required. Please call our hotline 3700-6500 for reservation.
Yes. However, for the courtesy of the next passenger, please keep the cab clean and avoid consuming food and beverages with strong odor.
According to the Road Traffic (Registration and Licensing of Vehicles) Regulations, passenger is requested to pay the fare from the boarding location to the disabled location. The driver will notify the customer service center of SynCab immediately and arrange for another SynCab as soon as possible.
SynCab drivers will try their best to accommodate for such changes. But we strongly encourage passengers to notify us at their earliest convenience if there’re any changes in their plans.
For a pleasant journey, please check your wheelchair according to the following specifications: Maximum height accepted would be 1.4m (passenger and wheelchair included0. The width of the wheelchair shall not exceed 70cm. Maximum weight accepted (passenger and wheelchair included) would be 200kg.
Each SynCab is equipped with 2 USB charging ports and charging cables. To ensure proper charging for different models of mobile phones, you are advised to bring your own cable.