Corporate Responsibility

Working together to create an inclusive, diverse and happy society

SynCab believes that the industry should provide a comprehensive, high quality multi-purpose taxi booking service from the passenger’s perspective, and contribute to Hong Kong society by promoting inclusion and diversity. Be it a wheelchair user, a family with pets or the elderly, everyone should be able to enjoy a barrier-free, bespoke journey.

A number of new initiatives have been launched by SynCab to bring better taxi services to Hong Kong, including:

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Specially designed for wheelchair users and their care-givers, the taxi is equipped with a ramp at its rear door to provide easy access for a wheelchair passengers to get on smoothly and safely. A security lock is in place to keep wheelchairs safely locked in position.

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Guide-dog friendly

Partnering with the Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services, SynCab launched the first guide-dog friendly taxi, allowing the visually impaired to travel with guide dogs.

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SynCab’s large and spacious interiors can accommodate families with big dogs, allowing pets to be brought along on trips.

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Spacious and luxurious taxi

Transforming a 7-passenger vehicle into a 5-seater to provide a more comfortable passenger experience and accommodate various business trips.