We share your perspective and always go the extra step

SynCab, a taxi fleet under the long-established Chung Shing Taxi Limited, was founded in 2015 by Miss Sonia Cheng. Its people-centric service follows the tradition of Chung Shing Taxi. Sonia recalled: “I once saw a wheelchair-bound man and his family hailing a taxi desperately in the street. Taxis that were available just drove by them without stopping.  When finally there was a taxi willing to stop and pick them up, it took them 20 minutes to get settled in the car with the wheelchair stored loosely in the trunk. I then thought to myself at that moment, why can’t the taxi industry go an extra step to serve wheelchair passengers?”

From a small idea, Sonia and her team began to explore ways to enhance the taxi service, and determined that a new multi-purpose taxi fleet would not only serve wheelchair users but also people with different needs, such as those who wish to take their pets out,  business trips, chartered services for city tours, and more. The SynCab fleet made its debut after 3 years of hard work and immense effort behind the scenes.

SynCab continues to play an active role in enhancing taxi service quality, achieving milestones and addressing the needs of different sectors and different people in society.  Wheelchair accessible taxis allow wheelchair users to use taxis much more easily than before. SynCab was also the first guide-dog friendly taxi fleet, catering for the visually impaired. The team’s dedication and efforts are recognised by passengers. SynCab drivers received more than 4,000 public nominations as “Quality Taxi Drivers” under the Taxi Service Commendation Scheme jointly organised by the Transport Department and the Committee on Taxi Service Quality. Moving forward, SynCab refuses to become complacent. We will continue to keep pace with the lives of our customers.