Booking channels

Anyone can make a booking via one of the following channels:
SynCab Mobile App
SynCab Mobile App (“SynCab”)
Booking Hotline
Booking Hotline : 3700 6500
Monday to Saturday 1pm to 6pm

Book online in three easy steps

Step 1
Via the “SynCab” mobile app or go to .
Step 2
We will assign SynCab drivers to each booking. Customers can check the status of their booking on the mobile app.
Step 3
Look out for booking status and updates on the mobile app. Assigned drivers’ contact information and licence plate will be available at least 15 minutes before pick-up time. The driver will also reach out to the passenger directly.

Download the "SynCab" app now

The SynCab mobile app has been developed exclusively for SynCab passengers. Users can easily book a taxi journey at any time. The SynCab customer service team receives bookings in real time and assigns the nearest SynCab taxi. Passengers can also reach out to the assigned SynCab driver directly to confirm arrangement conveniently. SynCab is at your fingertips, download the app now!

  • Exclusive booking channels for SynCab taxis
  • eMPT, MPT and SPT are available for booking
  • Global Positioning System enables driver to accurately identify pick-up locations
  • Share trip details with your friends and family
  • Previous bookings are saved
  • Give ratings to your driver and leave a review or comment