SynCab is a high quality taxi fleet offering three classes: Multi-Purpose Taxis (MPT), SynCab e-Multi-Purpose Taxis (eMPT), and Selected Personal Taxis (SPT). The difference between MPT and SPT is that the former is a large-size taxi and equipped with a wheelchair ramp and dedicated wheelchair space to provide barrier-free taxi transportation to wheelchair users.

‘SynCab’ is derived from the English word “synchronise”. Our mission is to “be synchronised with your life”. We hope that all passengers, be they business travellers, tourists, the elderly or wheelchair users, can conveniently enjoy SynCab’s high quality service and a comfortable taxi journey.

If a passenger has left behind valuables in a SynCab taxi, they should call the SynCab hotline as soon as possible with the booking record so one of our customer service officers can contact the SynCab driver. Without a booking record, the passenger can still provide details such as boarding time, taxi licence plate and pick-up location. The passenger will be notified immediately if and when the lost item is found. It is at the discretion of SynCab to require the passenger to pay for the taxi fare if they request that the lost item is delivered to them.

All SynCab taxis are covered by the smoking ban at all times. No person shall smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar, or pipe in a taxi. Food and drink is permitted, but for the comfort of all, please be considerate: keep our taxis clean and avoid strong-smelling food.