SynCab Philosophy

SynCab - synchronized with your life

At SynCab, we believe that life should be full of memorable journeys. Our aim is to provide a caring and comfortable taxi service for each and every passenger and all their loved ones. We are committed to providing a safe, efficient and high quality taxi service.

Caring‧Comfortable‧High Quality

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Putting Passengers First

SynCab offers more than just a point-to-point taxi service, it is a personalised and high quality taxi journey. Passengers can plan their journeys and book a taxi in advance to meet their own needs. For example, we provide a chartered service for city tours, we serve business trips, and we cater for those with specific requirements such as pregnant women, the elderly and wheelchair users who frequently need to visit hospital for medical appointments.

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A Comfortable, Premium Service

SynCab taxis are spacious and comfortable. Every passenger can book a taxi in advance and expect to enjoy a comfortable, premium service. All SynCab taxis are equipped with free Wi-Fi, USB chargers, and more. Wheelchair users can use our taxis without any issues. SynCabs are also pet friendly. And families travelling with a number of suitcases can order a SynCab to go to the airport and enjoy peace of mind.

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High quality and Professional

Courteous, professional, agile and safe are the key characteristics that we emphasise on our driver training. All SynCab drivers are required to undergo professional training, including techniques to operate a wheelchair in order to ensure that every wheelchair user and customer can use our taxis with complete peace of mind. We want to make SynCab the preferred taxi service provider.

  • We developed an intelligent dispatch system to help assign the nearest / most suitable taxi to customers;
  • We use GPS and GPRS to reduce disputes over taxi trips and drivers taking detours;
  • All taxi vehicles are inspected thoroughly before they are hired out to ensure safety;
  • Our pre-booking taxi service accepts advance electronic payments.

The SynCab Team is committed to promoting an inclusive society and addressing the different needs of different people. Together we will forge ahead with a barrier-free and inclusive society.