SynCab is committed to promoting an inclusive society and addressing different needs of different people, including wheelchair users and the elderly, by providing a high quality taxi service. We will continue to support the notion of a barrier-free, inclusive society and we look forward to seeing more barrier-free facilities and services in our communities.

Social Enterprises / Business Partners
SynCab partnered with VISA HK to provide contactless payment service to passengers.
SynCab partnered with AXA Hong Kong and Macau and TaxiSafely to utilise data science to effectively enhance the safety standards of the taxi industry, and give greater peace of mind to taxi passengers.
With the Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services, SynCab launched the first guide-dog friendly taxi to allow visually impaired people to travel with their guide dogs.
With the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, SynCab supported and sponsored various events aimed at raising awareness on the need for a barrier-free society.
With Tap & Go, SynCab and its parent company Chung Shing Taxi launched the Tap & Go electronic payment method.