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Although I was accompanied by my family, the SynCab driver was very kind and took his time to wheel me into the taxi which has a larger interior compared to other taxis. In the past, it was really inconvenient for people like me to go out or take a taxi. I did not want to go out except for attending medical appointments. SynCab has made me feel that not only can I go out to medical appointments but I can also go anywhere I want with my family.

Mr. Chan
Wheelchair passenger

Previously when I had to take Bee out, many drivers simply discriminated against him, a Golden Retriever who is quite big. The drivers would ask me if my dog would vomit in the car… it was not a pleasant experience. I found out SynCab is pet-friendly, and booked it to take Bee to see the vet. The driver didn’t mind at all. In fact, he even cared enough to ask what was wrong with Bee.

Pet owner

I don’t usually take my kids on outings but when I found out that SynCab offered a chartered service, I gave it a try and took the kids out to the Geopark and the High Island Reservoir East Dam for a tour. It was a very comfortable two-way trip. The SynCab was spacious, and the driver was very nice.